Our second stop in Ireland was Cork where we met with a local host to give us some ideas of what to do in that little town. One of her recommendations was to hop on a bus to Kinsale (a cute little harbor town on the coast of Ireland) to eat some delicious food and do some shopping if we wanted to get away from the city life a bit. Don and I were very excited to get out of the city and explore Ireland’s sights. This was one of the many benefits of taking this type of tour. We had someone guiding us for the most part, but were still able to change it up as we went. While I loved Dublin and Cork, Kinsale has a little piece of my heart. It was a quaint little harbor town where everyone was so friendly and I especially had a blast trying to learn camera techniques.

  • Location: Kinsale, Ireland
  • Event: Locally Hosted Rail Tour through Ireland (Anniversary Celebration)
  • Camera and Lens: Canon EOS Rebel SL1, EF-S55-250mm f4-5.6 IS STM, EF-S10-18mm f4-5.6 IS STM
  • Date: June 2016

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